How to change nameplate colors in americas army proving grounds


This is now built into the game options/settings! Much easier to use now, just open settings and go to HUD to change your colors.

1. Go here to find a color:
2. Copy these “x” values:
R: 32
G: 182
B: 28

3. Open americas army and join a server. (this might work without joining a server, I tested this while in a server)
4. Open the console (hit ~ key)
5. For friendly color change…..Type: nameplatecolor 32 182 28
6. For enemy color change…..Type: enemynameplatecolor 255 0 0
7. To revert back to default yellow…..Type: nameplatecolor -1

How to not suck ass at americas army proving grounds


This guide will be broke down into 3 main parts: Gameplay, Awareness, Equipment
Attention writers: I am not a writer, 2 fucks not given in how I wrote this as far as punctuation, grammar etc….so don’t bitch.


1a. Shooting
In this game you have what’s called: weapon sights (press the Right Mouse Button) fucking use them! You are far less accurate in this game due to the bullet firing cone while hip firing vs using your sights.
You can: control breathing “hold down Spacebar” while you fire for more accuracy. This comes in handy for snipers more than anyone but it can be useful for any long range engagements for any weapon class.
Most weapon classes have adjustable fire rate (press Middle Mouse Button) to switch from single, burst or full auto fire. Each have their pros and cons in a firefight and can make you the clutch winner [bitches love tha clutch] or the noob loser [noobs are dickbags]. Mashing the fire button until your out of bullets is a waste, shoot in controlled bursts to maximize accuracy!

Clarification….there are 2 types of noobs.
1 is the new noob that just got the game and is clueless about basics. We help this one as much as possible to get better and enjoy the game.
2 is the dickbag noob that is highly ranked but sucks ass at the game. He is basically a waste of a server slot but useful in populating the server until more experienced players join.

You can also use supported fire “press Z” next to various map objects that highlight the supported fire feature. This means that you can mount your gun to the object and use it to steady your fire. It’s useful but more often than not…not used by too many players.

Lastly you have leaning “press Q or E” which helps you fire around corners without giving away too much of your body to shoot at. This is useful when firing at positions while still maintaining some sort of cover. Mastering the lean and creep will make you a corner killer in no time!

We could dive into way more aspects of shooting but these are the basics. Just remember to always use your sights, while only resorting to hip fire in those instances of very close combat.
1b. Teamwork
Probably the most ignored skill of this game. This is the difference between winning and getting fucking wrecked in a match. Teams that have great teamwork will easily pwn any other team that doesn’t work together.
Talk to your teammates with team voice chat “press V” to relay enemy locations, objective location, friendly pickups, weapon drops etc…
Don’t have a mic? Buy a fucking microphone, it’s 2015 and they cost like $5.00 on
For those broke asses with no mic you can team text chat “press T” to type ingame to your team. Although text chat is often overlooked while playing.
You can spot enemies “press L Cntrl” which highlights them red to your team so they can take them out easily. This is useful if you cannot get a shot on that enemy player. If you can see them, you can spot them!
Picking up your teammates is a point whores delight! Otherwise known as reviving “press F” can be done while standing over a friendly downed teammate to heal them and get them back into the match. Screaming “errrmy god i needz pickupz ahhhh” will make a teammate ignore you and walk on by. And quite possibly get a nice bag of nuts on your face while you scream for a pickup?

Special Note: quickly clear the area when reviving! Nothing shittier than getting a revive and then shot in the face because the enemy is right behind you because your dumb ass didn’t clear the area first. If a teammate says “don’t revive me”…don’t!


1c. Map Knowledge
Bored? Alone on a saturday night as usual? Load an empty server with your map on it and run around and try shit out. Practicing throwing nades and angles can result in godlike gameplay. If you take the time to learn what other lazy bastards don’t….they will rage quit while you stockpile points from wins.
The objective is important to the map your playing too. If your playing an extraction map, it’s always a good idea to grab some fog grenades to help your flag carrier get to the extraction point. Keep close to the flag carrier so you can pickup and keep him in the game. This also works on the other side of the team for taking out the flag carrier = points. Keep an eye out for fogs and nades when the flag is nearing the extraction point, you know they are going for it.
Some people only play 1 map so that “hacker” that kicks your ass every round probably sucks ass at every other map in the game. But give them an inch and they will make your head explode with a quick scope headshot everytime. Just so happens that the most popular map in AAPG is Inner Hospital which you will find some very good players roaming it’s servers.
After extensive play on 1 map will open your eyes to very common areas of enemy traffic. You can almost predict where people will be towards the end of the round just by countless hours of playing 1 map in particular. That guy that knows where everybody is has 1,000 hours on the map you have 10 minutes playing….learn the map before you start bitching about getting your shit pushed in.
Another good rule of thumb is to hop on a popular servers Teamspeak while you play so you can learn how the good teams work together to win matches. You can find our Teamspeak server info on our main page and in the forums.
1d. Predictability
Constantly going to the same spot to try and kill the guy that rapes your face will only earn him more kills because your dumb ass won’t change up your gameplay. Don’t feed the other team easy kills! Learn to kill and move quickly to avoid being predictable. I can tell you where 30 players will be as soon as they join our server because they do the same shit over and over…..learn to change it up.


Another way to win matches is being aware of what is going on around you. How can you do that without going to hogwarts and becoming a fucking wizard? Easy….awareness! When your teammates go down in a certain area, it’s probably a safe bet you can find enemies around. Charging into an area against 4 enemies will surely be the death of you and your team will talk shit about how you should uninstall the game. Don’t be that guy!
Sound is a very important tool when enemies are nearby. You can hear different floor sounds and know exactly where they are before they even see you! Other things you will learn to listen for is: nades being pulled, teammates bandaging or reviving friendlies, enemy gunfire and even idiots that use global voice to tell you where they will be going at round start.
How to gain the advantage with sound?
Good Headphones are not at walmart for $9.00 because your a thrifty fucking shopper.
What brands to buy? Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, AKG……to name a few.
You can get by on “gamer headsets” but the sound quality is shit compared to a real high quality pair of headphones. Ps…razer is dog shit if your wondering.

Always watch your ammo count! Gunfights with 2 bullets left = you dead. Keep an eye on your mags too, if your low then look for a gun laying around and pick it up. Be sure to switch to it and reload it before getting into a firefight, better safe than sorry.

Watch the clock and make sure you have enough time to win! If you have to recover the flag before you extract, make sure you give yourself enough time!

Enemy player count
Some servers have player count “on” which means you can hold down the “Tab” key to see how many enemies are still alive. This will help you make that last minute decision on where to make your final stand or how to negotiate that last ditch effort on extracting the flag. (our server keeps it on) iSOLATION KILLHOUSE


If you have a shitty pc then it probably means you have a fuck ton of lag and spend more time socializing in spectate because your dead all the time. How do you get a better pc? If you have the cash, build a new pc. If your short on cash, then upgrade one piece at a time.
Get a monitor with a high refresh rate (144Hz) IPS monitors are very nice but expensive.
Gaming mobos: MSI, Asus, Gigabyte
Get a motherboard with a gui interface.
AMD get an unlocked chip to overclock.
Intel get a “K” to overclock.
Gskill – sniper series, Ripjaws series, Ares series
Corsair – Vengeance series, Dominator series, XMS series
Video card:
Nvidia Geforce is my choice.
AMD/ATI Radeon is ok.
The control panels for video settings are extensive…I’m not going into all that shit here.Hard Drive:
SSD – Solid State Drives are faster than the older typical moving part hard drives.

Western Digital, Corsair, Intel and Samsung are some good quality SSD’s to buy.

Sound Card:

Asus Xonar is my choice.
Creative SoundBlaster
Get a card with 7.1 for tv and movies but it can hinder your gaming audio. Make sure you tweak your sound if you have 7.1 surround so you don’t get false positives from the surround sound effects. Most cards have a control panel to tweak settings.Power supply:
At least a bronze certified with dual 12+ rails minimum.
Seasonic, Antec, Cougar, Raidmax are good psu’s.Case:

Raidmax, LianLi, Antec, Thermaltake are some good cases.

Dual band or Tri-band, Gigabite wired with high speeds.
Netgear, Buffalo, Linksys are good routers.


Here is where I choose lower priced and otherwise unknown gaming hardware. I researched what top end mice had built inside of them at a fraction of the cost.
Avago chip
Omron switches
Redragon is my choice. (Mammoth mouse)
Logitech, Sentey, Corsair, Razer are good mice.Keyboard:
Logitech, Gskill, Coolermaster, Corsair, CougarMousepad:
Redragon (archelon)
Logitech, Razer, Steel Series are good pads too.Headphones:
Gaming Headset if your on a budget. 3.5mm do not buy a usb set!Microphone:
Condenser mic with 3.5mm jack to sound card
Find a cheap quality mic on amazon.

Internet speed:
Anything over 8mb is sufficient.
Want a system that’s already built?
I hope you gained something from my article and it improves your gameplay. Although I won’t win any awards for my writing, you got the message and that was the point. If you have any feedback, please use the comments. Want to see another guide? Post a request in the comments and I will see what I can do.
Thanks for the read!